Ballboys & Ballgirls

Becoming a ballperson is a great way to see tennis closer than you ever have before. Joining the ball team is also an excellent way to meet new friends, exercise and see high quality tennis. Ballpersons must possess speed and agility, have good hand and eye coordination, excellent attention skills and a strong understanding of tennis rules and etiquette.

Admin volunteer

The Collector Norwegian Open takes many hours of planning and work to be successful! The event organizers are looking for volunteers to be part of the event team to ensure a successful inaugural Tournament and that we can grow year on year.
The hours of volunteer service are not only helping the tournament, but assist the tournament in our continued efforts to raise money for the benefit of the Right to Play, Norway


An internship with Northern Vision can springboard your career in sports and provide invaluable experience in a fun and electric atmosphere. Please call or email us for further information. 00 47 92431935